APJ Alliance

African Peace Journal is building an alliance with Ubuntu Room


Ubuntu, often translated as “humanity toward others”, is an ancient practice within Africa.

In the post-colonial Africa of today, the African Peace Journal encourages a reverse paradigm shift, back toward the venerable traditions of African culture such as the practice of Ubuntu.

This reverse paradigm shift is referred to by the Journal as The Unscramble for Africa.

As a specific and practical action point, the African Peace Journal is working with local community leaders, architects and elders, to construct a series of community Ubuntu Rooms.

An ‘Ubuntu Room’ is a ‘Situation Room for Peace’ constructed within an African community.

An Ubuntu Room is a safe and secure sanctuary, a steady support structure, that facilitates the practice of Ubuntu peace dialogues within both local communities and conflict zones in Africa.

In addition to providing a space and a room for communities to discuss peace initiatives for their communities, the Ubuntu Room will encourage an atmosphere of literacy and learning.

This will be accomplished through frugal but effective methods, such as providing the Ubuntu Room with books, used pencils and recycled paper. A used cell phone will also be provided to the Ubuntu Room from which the African Peace Journal can receive text messages from the Ubuntu Room on the progress being made in the ongoing peace building dialogues.

These text messages from African Ubuntu Rooms will be published in the African Peace Journal as a documentation of progress of community or conflict resolution through peace dialogues.