Africa Today

We hear more about war and conflict in Africa than we hear about peace and resolution in Africa.

The modern media makes much more room for reporting of war than for reporting of peace.

Perhaps one reason for this dichotomy is that peace is not as visible or as photogenic as war.

African Peace Journal has created the concept of the Ubuntu Room to make room for peace and to make peace more visible and tangible and reportable as a journalistic news item that adds value and perspective to our world and to our modern media.

African Peace Journal is of the conviction that it is time we heard the ‘good news’ out of the African Continent. It is time we heard the constructive news that peaceable communities and conflict resolutions are part of the present and future fabric of African life.

We need to start hearing and talking about peace as much as we hear and talk about war.

It is for this reason that the Ubuntu Room is a pioneering initiative of African Peace Journal.

We hear and discuss more about war and conflict in Africa than we hear and discuss peace initiatives and resolutions


Making Room for Peace

Ubuntu Room is going to start making room for peace in Africa.

The pioneering work of Ubuntu Room has begun in the Congo where we have this year, 2016, started work on a prototype Ubuntu Room.

To learn more about this prototype Ubuntu Room, kindly click here.


Karim Ajania


African Peace Journal