2017 Report


On May 2017, we visited the DR. Congo, city of Goma, in North Kivu province.

Our primary interest was to learn more about peace process and democracy in this country.

Congo is a country that have seen crisis, disaster to disaster, unskilful leaders to another, the political system is corrupt to the core, Congo is the poorest nation on the the planet, with devastating rates of maternal mortality. Lack of responsible leadership persists, despite the incentive of¬†Congo’s natural resources which are¬†estimated to be US $24 trillion.

In 2014-2015 the literacy rate for the population between the age of 14 and 49 was estimated 75% to 88% male and 64% female.

Education in the DR Congo is not free, even though the Congolese constitution said it should be.

The violence and war had killed approximately 5.4 millions between 1998- 2007 according to the report claimed by IRC (International Rescue Committee).

Congo is a country where there is no freedom of speech, the country is lead by a dictator, who have been on power since 2003 up to now, peace process has been a big topic that is on table right now, authorities are not willing to bring peace back so they can cling on power for long term.

The alternative hope to save the country form its dictators is the youth which had been fighting to bring peace back by organizing, peace march, inter nation dialogues for peace.

In fact the Ubuntu Room venue has already helped organize a dialogue among students in the city of Goma to talk about peace process and democracy in the Congo.

After speaking with different groups of students and artists, in the city of Goma, we came to a conclusion of organizing meetings and conferences, with different groups – artists, students and elders – to talk about peace process in the greats lakes region.

This is what have been suggested by different groups in Goma:


- Organizing a peace conference in the Great Lakes Region with students from different universities (Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda).

- Organizing a gathering between elders and millennial.

- Organizing meeting and conference with artist to talk about possibilities of including songs and painting in the peace process curriculum.

- Organizing students conference virtual exchange between Congolese and American students.

- Facilitate meetings between youth of Congo and authorities.

- Facilitate the rental of space where meetings and conferences will be happening.

- Invite different leaders worldwide to participate in the conference

- Invite Human Right Watch in the gatherings if possible.

- Invite local and international organizations of human rights.


In summary, the youth of Congo is expecting Ubuntu Room to facilitate all the gathering and meetings to talk about peace building and democracy in the Congo and across the boarders.